How come...

...I forget this site exists and never post anything here?

2008 recap in random sequence:

Sony is hiring!

We are hiring 2-3 devs and 1-2 themers.
Get yer fresh, new jobs while they're hot!

Drupal Developer

Drupal Themer - CSS expert

theming madness

Steph and Chris have officially raised the bar.

Buy your fancy new drupal themes from them. This is good stuff.

Holy Szeged Batman, I'm Hungary for some Drupalcon!

Announcing Drupalcon Szeged 2008

say that 10 times fast...


my new gig

Well I took the corporate plunge.

Monday I start my new job as:

Senior Director, Interactive Media
Global Digital Business Group
SONY BMG Music Entertainment

Say that 10 times fast...

we launched we launched we launched!

For the last month my sole focus at Sony has been retheming the (formerly known as Musicbox) Myplay site. It is lovely. Doug did a really clean design and functionality is much simpler now. The last version was more of a music portal, where Myplay is a showcase for Sony artists. It's lovely. It's drupal. It's cross-browser compatible.

i survived drupalcon boston 2008

There were 800 people at drupalcon.
i mean

I kept thinking "who are all these people??!!"
I am thrilled to see this level of adoption and interest. The dynamic was really different with this many participants. That part was a mixed bag. Much harder to find/connect/re-connect/network/collborate with people when there are sooo many.


VD at sea

It's that time of year again!

VD at sea

Lullabot Workshop

I spent last week at the Introduction to Drupal Development and Advanced API and Module Development Workshops.

Lotsa fun with form hooks and jquery. Lotsa fun with the Bots.

Anyone wanting to get up to speed fast on drupal dev and/or theming should seriously consider attending one of their workshops:

Drupal Association

I finally remembered to join.


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