Tracy Edwards Newel
Fresno Women's Medical Group, Inc
"I did a lot of research on web designers before we decided on think inkless. We wanted someone who shared our business philosophy and would create a functional and beautiful site. After visiting our office, getting a feel for the flow, colors, and work environment, Suzi was able to translate this into a website that is a true reflection of our company. Thanks to think inkless, our site is unique and dynamic, perfectly tailored to our target audience. Our site reflects the talent and attention to detail think inkless can bring to any project."

Joel Pickford
Pickford Pictures
"When I decided to create a website for my photography and film business, I knew that the choice of a web development company would be the most important factor in making it a success. The site would have to have a clean look and feel, so that the images could speak for themselves. It would have to be easy to navigate, despite the large quantity of material that I planned on including. Above all, it would need to have a distinctive appearance in order for it to stand out from other photography websites. Working with think inkless turned out to be the perfect partnership to get the job done. Suzi was able to translate my often unconventional ideas into elegant and practical solutions. Her impressive knowledge of the both internet and the business world proved invaluable in piloting the project to a successful conclusion. The response to my site has been phenomenal; everyone who has written to congratulate me comments on its ease of use and visual appeal. I heartily recommend think inkless to anyone who wants a beautiful, functional website."

Will Greene
Business Development Director
Vanguard Cleaning Systems
"think inkless was able to revamp our current website and add the type of functionality and design that we needed. Working with them was efficient and interactive. As our ideas and preferences changed, think inkless was able to come back with multiple options. We are very pleased with the final result and feedback from our customers and partners on our new site has been very positive."

Greg Range
Managing Director
Head of LA office
"Think inkless has been a pleasure to work with. The service has been exceptional, the work product fantastic, and the marketing input has been invaluable. The cost has been incredibly reasonable. I have recommended think inkless to a number of people that have seen their fine work, and would make an unqualified recommendation to anyone who is interested."

Brian Tsang
web designer
"think inkless delivers professional and technical expertise at net speed. That's the type of partnership I need when creating new websites."

Vanessa Bauch
"When you work with people who really know the Web, it is sheer pleasure. And when those people are as smart, enthusiastic, and willing to do whatever it takes as those who are think inkless, you have found that rare indispensable asset -- a true business partner."

Mark Stagen
Emerald Health Services
"You did a great job on our website. You were extremely prompt, professional, and also reasonably priced. We were very pleased with your overall work and would be happy to serve as a reference for any future clients. Thanks for the fantastic job!"

Shawna Berthold
Director, Interactive Services
Bernard Hodes Group
"In think inkless, I found a partner, not just a vendor. A company that I could trust, learn, grow with and from. I am confident that no matter how or what project is thrown their way, I am in the best and most capable hands of true professionals. The consultative and educational nature of this company goes far beyond the traditional web development house where technologists try to overwhelm you, or where design is done for the designers. They help you understand why, and most importantly, the "why nots" of each phase of the development cycle."

Rodel Delfin
New Media Director
HITS Daily Double
"think inkless has made the task of creating content for our site effortless. They allow us to focus on design and usability without getting tangled up in code writing and debugging. Time and time again they have produced exceptional results, on time, on budget. The code they produce is always clean, small, and well commented...and saves our on-site team countless hours."

Vicki Grove
Senior Vice President
Bernard Hodes Group
"one of the most responsive and client oriented services I have ever come in contact with...they have always come through for us when we needed them."

Scott Morrison
eBusiness Solutions
Web Marketing
Nortel Networks
"think inkless epitomizes what passionate web developers should do--create their own studio and focus not just on code or eye candy--but rather in partnerships with clients that solve problems together. I only wish there were more of them in the world"

Mary Discher
Sr. Creative Partner, Western Region
Bernard Hodes Group
"I would like to say that think inkless has been an incredible source of internet expertise and customer service as I have worked closely with them since they initiated the business. Good folks. Good service. Good knowledge."

Gavin Kelly
interactive project manager
Bernard Hodes Group
"think inkless has been an invaluable resource for me. Time and again their talents in web design/production have helped us look good. Whether it's a simple web page or a complex, multi-layered site, they have provided the responsiveness, the technical expertise and a guiding hand to see our projects through to completion, on-time, every time."

Erik Foss
Foss Marketing Group
"What you get from using think inkless .... your good ideas are enhanced and made better by the expertise and creativity that they bring to the table. If you don't have any ideas at all .... Give think inkless free reign and what you'll get is a solution that is cutting-edge without alienating users; creativity that communicates without overwhelming. What you'll get are the results you wished for. Either way, you'll experience a creative methodology and customer service that are truly refreshing. You'll wish all your business partners were just like them."

Renee Afshar
Management Supervisor
Bernard Hodes Group
"think inkless not only takes a project to completion on time and within budget but also consults with you on technology available to achieve the clients goal .... when faced with a last minute request that might hold up a live date think inkless always comes through with solution to make the date and solve the problem."

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